Our People and Values

In our business, people make all the difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right people to help grow your business, and we relentlessly focus on refining coaching, training methods, analytical tools and incentives.

Flexibility and mobility

Transcom doesn’t promote a single operating model that has to work everywhere in our global operation. We manage people according to a different philosophy – for everyone’s benefit. We use the same structure and process, but adapt our personnel management to local conditions. We see our employees in their social context. So starting with the same expectations and same measurement in five different regions, we can manage people in five different ways, while still achieving the same top results.

 We have high retention of the best people because we are strong on promoting training and career development. Long retention and employee loyalty lead in turn to a high degree of specialist knowledge and skills.

Transcom’s flexibility extends to building up networks of qualified home agents in many markets, as well as service centers. This extends our recruiting base and also contributes to expertise development and lower attrition rates.

Our investment in people and internal mobility also simplifies our recruiting activities. All of our Business Managers, and five out of six Team Leaders, are internally recruited. When we do recruit externally, approximately 20 percent of our recruitments come through recommendations – up to 40 percent in some markets. We are about to launch an online career portal accessible to all employees where they can find positions of interest within the company and apply directly online.

Ensuring top talent

Our agents receive the flexibility, credibility and acknowledgement they need, because they are the ones who make the difference. We acknowledge value and performance, and actively coach towards creating agents who are customer experience specialists. This is what creates knowledgeable, motivated people who can deliver a great customer experience every time – in any customer situation and throughout any channel.

Clearly-defined career paths create opportunities for our employees to take responsibility and develop their expertise, thereby strengthening Transcom’s competitiveness. Career growth opportunities within Transcom are especially evident in our fastest-growing operations, such as in The Philippines.

Workforce management

Most of Transcom’s revenues come from clients who use our solutions in multiple countries to support their customers. Right-sizing and matching your evolving business needs requires us to work continually to meet your cost/quality requirements. We have advanced workforce optimization tools to enable us to handle the most trying situations, including seasonal ramp-ups, campaign ramp-ups and vacation periods.

Every year, thousands of new employees join Transcom. As our agents are the voice of our clients, training our new and existing staff is imperative to maintaining positive and high-quality customer interactions. While most of our training is directly related to client work and tailored to each client situation, our employees also complete training on Transcom’s business operations and Code of Business Conduct.

Moreover, we learn from each other across our vast international organization, sharing best practices and methods to further benefit our clients. Our global pool of methodologies and services are closely adapted to the cultural context of each market, so that we always respect the differences, preferences and national characteristics of local customers.

Contributions to society

Transcom is proud of the role we play in the lives of our current and former employees. We provide a platform for career development for young people and new graduates, and in many countries, we are a top employer of people aged 18-26. Our agents learn about direct client interaction in a dynamic environment, strengthening their communication and technology skills. They become product specialists, become skilled at handling conflicts and, in turn, are rewarded for a job well done.

Our Values

Our core values guide us as a company and guide the behavior of the professionals who make up our workforce. We believe these values make Transcom a great partner and a great employer.


  • We are relationship-, network- and service-driven.
  • We see our clients’ customer challenges as our own, and always go that extra mile to deliver service.
  • We are passionate about improving customer experience – whenever and wherever possible.


  • We have high ambitions – going for leadership in customer experience.
  • We focus on quality in everything we do.
  • We incorporate industry and company best practices to continuously improve the way we deliver customer experience.


  • We are progressive and move quickly to anticipate new customer trends/needs.