Service Portfolio

Transcom’s service portfolio is designed to enable the creation of outstanding customer experiences, while also reducing cost and helping to drive growth for our clients.

Our suite of services includes customer care, sales, technical support and credit management services, delivered through our extensive network of contact centers and our work-at-home agent network. Our customer experience specialists engage with your customers in multiple channels, including phone, e-mail, chat and in social media communities.

Transcom’s solutions are supported by our unique expertise and capabilities:

  • Proven customer service track record – For more than 20 years, Transcom has supported clients across industries and geographies to design and deliver best-in-class customer experience.
  • Client-centric approach – Our success depends on our ability to understand client-specific needs and requirements, and the ability to develop customized solutions accommodating these differences.
  • End-to-end project ownership – Transcom provides a full-fledged support model and takes full responsibility for coordination and management of the process.
  • Long-term value commitment – We aim to be one step ahead so we can proactively propose how to further improve your business. We prioritize quick proof of concept and rapid benefit realization. 
  • Digital transformation support – Our portfolio of advanced propositions can position your digital customer service at the leading edge. 


Customer service

Transcom’s service-focused agents deliver service excellence in order to help create competitive differentiation for your business. They are thoroughly trained to support best-in-class product, service and brand experiences for your customers.

We understand that every service interaction is an opportunity to reinforce buying decisions and strengthen brand relationships. We also know that delivering great service experiences can create a strong point of differentiation for your business, strengthening customer loyalty while improving retention and sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This is why we are acutely focused on continuously analyzing, scoring and improving on service quality, accuracy, speed, efficiency and sales targets. And, even more importantly, we focus on the relationships between these metrics and their impact on how your customers see you.

Our services are delivered through a structured and proven process with rigorous quality controls. Continuous improvement practices, focused on strengthening service quality and enhancing operational efficiency, are embedded into our daily operations. We constantly validate the impact of our service delivery on customer experience, e.g. through Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort, and Net Promoter indices. And we map these key experience indicators back to key operational metrics, such as average handle time, average speed to answer and first contact resolution.


Technical support

Transcom’s technical product support solutions are tailored to deliver end user experiences through tiered support models, from the simplest questions to more complex support scenarios. Our technical support agents go through extensive product training and they have access to detailed knowledge databases to assure that they have the skills, support and tools needed in order to resolve your customers’ issues satisfactorily at the first contact.

We continuously analyze customer contact data to improve efficiency and end-user experience, e.g. through identifying issues that typically drive low-complexity calls to higher-cost support agents. This allows us to identify opportunities to free up technical support specialists for higher-complexity customer issues, while improving access to self-service options and giving customers greater control over their experience.


Customer retention

Preventing defection and maximizing the lifetime of a customer are key objectives for Transcom’s customer retention initiatives.

Transcom’s customer retention specialists are highly skilled at listening, understanding and resolving more complicated customer issues that could threaten your customer relationships. Our retention training programs focus on teaching agents how to show empathy, diffuse customer anger, and get to the heart of the issue in order to resolve problems quickly and mitigate customer defection.

In today’s socially driven marketplace, unhappy customers’ voices are amplified in social forums. Mishandled complaints can go viral in an instant, with potentially disastrous effects on brand reputation. By resolving critical customer issues, we not only protect your revenue streams. We can also turn potential defectors into fans.


Customer acquisition

Transcom adds value to your sales efforts by acquiring new customers cost-efficiently, and by building strong customer relationships as a basis for future interactions.

Our sales specialists are extensively trained, not only on your clients’ products and services but also on competitors’ offerings. This ensures that they are in the best possible position to convey the value of your products and services, and to secure sales.

Transcom’s in-house training programs, sales incentives, and call guides all support the sales process by making sure that our agents are skilled at uncovering customer needs, identifying the right offerings to fit those needs, and secure customer orders.


Cross-selling & upselling

By delivering an outstanding service experience, our agents strengthen customer loyalty and create future sales opportunities (“sales-through-service”). But we also help you to generate new sales directly from your existing customer base, both by increasing sales of the same product and by selling additional products.

Transcom has the capability to support varied and complex products, and to introduce them effectively to customers in day-to-day service interactions.

Successful cross-selling and upselling efforts require more than just an understanding of product and service features and benefits. Agents need to be adept at the art of building relationships with customers, identifying customer needs during any type of interaction, and taking appropriate action to satisfy the customer’s need while maximizing cross-sales and upsales for you.



Early collections

In the early collections area, Transcom’s primary objectives are to resolve debt, rehabilitate customers and reduce incidence of future debt. Whenever possible, this is achieved through immediate repayment. If not, we attempt to agree on realistic repayment terms through a relationship-sensitive approach, using frequent reminders if necessary.