Virtual Agents

Deployment of virtual agents in contact centers brings major benefits. Costs can be reduced, either by improving human agent efficiency or by replacing humans in certain functions. Virtual agents also allow human agents to focus on quality in high value interactions and eliminate human errors in more transactional requests. Clever deployment of virtual agents can also improve customer experience. Positive effects range from more flexible opening hours and lower response times, to more customized responses based on better leveraging of customer data and contextual information.

Companies deploying virtual agents typically experience several challenges. Lack of clarity and direction in the digital transformation agenda, uncertainty as to where and how to deploy, and concerns about the impact on brand reputation can potentially delay implementation and limit the benefits. To help overcome these challenges, Transcom provides solution and process advice, project management, implementation, operations handling and maintenance of virtual agents. Our virtual agent offering is split into two different solutions, which can be implemented separately or in combination:


Virtual Agent Assistant (VAA), which helps human agents extract the most relevant information from the knowledge base and proposes answers leading to an optimal outcome. Potential use cases include:

  • Providing agents with the most relevant data to meet a customer’s specific requests.
  • Rapid customer identification or data extraction.
  • Providing agents with options on how to respond to a customer to achieve a clear desired outcome.
  • Suggesting the next best option, enabling agents to provide relevant additional information.


Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), which provides autonomous support to your customers in selected channels across selected topics. Today VCA is typically implemented as chat bots, but will most likely migrate into voice channels, as the technology matures. Potential use cases include:

  • Interpreting a request, scanning for the relevant information and generating well-articulated answers.
  • Providing customers with relevant information (e.g. account info, purchase orders status, available product upgrades etc.) either reactively or proactively using machine learning and predictive analytics.
  • Supporting your customers through your business processes, such as shopping check out, password reset, and form completion, based on content, customer information and previous interactions.

You can read more about our offering here, or contact us directly on virtualagents@transcom.com.