Pro forma comparable figures for Transcom’s new segment reporting structure

Luxembourg, 9 October 2013 – Transcom today released comparative financial information (please see table in enclosed PDF file) in the segment reporting structure to be adopted in Q3 2013, reflecting the changes previously announced and described below. The segment reporting change affects only the segment composition and does not change the Transcom Group’s consolidated results as previously reported to the market.

Effective July 1, 2013, Transcom’s operations in the former Central Region are consolidated into the North Europe and Central & South Europe regions. The Netherlands has been consolidated with the North Europe region, while the rest of the countries in the former Central Region – Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Poland – are now part of the Central & South region. We are making this change in order to make the most of the important client synergies that exist between these regions. In addition, the streamlining and simplifying of our regional structure will yield cost and scale advantages.

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