Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension has acquired additional Class A shares in Transcom, crossing the 5% voting rights threshold

Luxembourg, 4 September 2014 – Avanza Bank Holding AB (publ) has notified that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension, acquired additional Class A voting shares (TWW SDB A) in Transcom WorldWide S.A. on 2 September, 2014, crossing the 5% voting rights threshold. The depositary receipts representing Class A shares are held by Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension.

Following this transaction, Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension owns 31,706,337 TWW SDB A shares, corresponding to 5.09% of voting rights in Transcom WorldWide S.A. Prior to the transaction, Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension controlled 4.94% of voting rights in Transcom WorldWide S.A.

For further information, please contact:

Johan Eriksson, President and CEO
Telephone +46 70 776 80 22

Pär Christiansen, CFO
Telephone +46 70 776 80 16

Stefan Pettersson, Head of Group Communications
Telephone +46 70 776 80 88